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Loved You Yesterday I'll Always Love You Wall Decal Sticker

Loved You Yesterday I'll Always Love You Wall Decal Sticker
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About This Wall Decal
This decal says "Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will"

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    Small: 20" by 12"
    Medium: 26" by 17"
    Large: 35" by 28"
    Extra Large: 44" by 28"
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I'll Always Love You Wall Decal Art

Loved You Yesterday Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal

Wall Decal Description

If you love rhymes and if you love love, this decal sticker quote is the decoration for you. Your walls will be graced with the elegant vinyl sticker pieces of a quote that speaks of previous passion, current care, and future fondness—emotions that extend beyond the limits of time and can't be measured by any device known to man, only by the heart. Display this wall decal proudly, referencing your love for one another daily as you see it in your home and think of all the promises you've made, the vows you've kept, and the oaths you will continue to honor forever. Not everyone has the opportunity to be with someone they truly care for, and if you do have that chance, cherish it, do everything you can to foster deeper affection for each other. This wall decal is a perfect representation of that sentiment. It also comes in different colors.

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