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Bon Appetit French Kitchen Vinyl Wall Decal Quote

Bon Appetit French Kitchen Vinyl Wall Decal Quote
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About This Wall Decal
This decal says "Bon Appetit"

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French Kitchen Wall Decal Sticker

Bon Appetit Wall Sticker Decal

Wall Decal Description

If you love French cooking, you'll especially love this kitchen decal sticker quote that reads "Bon Appetit." The quote means "good appetite," something people say to encourage you to eat up and enjoy your food. Give your kitchen the feeling of a European street-side bistro by displaying the decal on the wall. Its letters are elegant and its message inspires happy eating. You can put this sticker on the wall near the dining area, next to a pantry, or over the stove. Wall decals are simple and convenient, yet beautiful and motivational. You might not usually think to decorate the kitchen, but when there are so many creative embellishments, how can you not? After all, if you spend a lot of time there, it's important to foster a positive, fun environment that will encourage a love of culture and cuisine as well as a passion for cooking. So, bon appetit!

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