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Circle of Strength and Love Forever Family Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker

Circle of Strength and Love Forever Family Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker
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About This Wall Decal
This decal says "A circle of strength and love, Our family founded on faith… joined by love… kept by God… Forever together"

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Forever Family Vinyl Wall Decal Quote

Circle of Strength and Love Wall Decal Art

Wall Decal Description

A circle evokes the image of eternity, a continuous round with no beginning and no end, encompassing goodness and joy inside of it. This visually symbolic wall decal sticker emphasizes the importance of God and family in the home through a quote. The vinyl quote serves as a reminder of how God and faith should be present in family life, within the circle that keeps every family tied. Invite God into your house by acknowledging him in your decor. The phrases "our family" and "forever together" are in a larger script for added emphasis. Each letter is a sticker that can be attached to the wall and looks lovely in any room. Display this decal in your house or give it as a gift. It goes on easily and comes off just the same—and won't damage walls or surfaces by leaving behind sticky residue or pulling away paint or finish.

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