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Enjoy Lather Soak Unwind Bathroom Vinyl Wall Decal Quote

Enjoy Lather Soak Unwind Bathroom Vinyl Wall Decal Quote
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About This Wall Decal
This decal says "Enjoy, Lather, Soak, Unwind"

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Bathroom Removable Wall Decal Quote

Enjoy Lather Soak Unwind Wall Sticker Decal

Wall Decal Description

You don't really need anyone to tell you to relax—or do you? Sure, you want to unwind and enjoy yourself, but because you're used to worrying and stressing, it can be hard to let go of the cares of the day. That's why this bathroom decal quote is so great. It will remind you that it's okay to lather, to soak, and to release all of that tension. Graphic quotes can be more than just decorations; they can be functional, they can be words of wisdom and advice. With a graphic, visual display on your wall, it's hard to ignore the command to destress. You have to listen, right? You don't have a choice! And even though you might not normally think about decorating the bathroom, particularly not with a wall sticker, this decal is actually the perfect touch. With its carefree script and removable sticker letters, you can enjoy a simple and convenient embellishment daily. This bathroom wall decal also has color options!

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