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Bathroom Rules Wash Brush Floss Flush Wall Decal Sticker

Bathroom Rules Wash Brush Floss Flush Wall Decal Sticker
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About This Wall Decal
This decal says "Bathroom Rules: Wash, Brush, Floss, Flush"

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Wash Brush Floss Flush Decorative Wall Decal Sticker

Bathroom Rules Wall Decal Art

Wall Decal Description

The first person that will thank you for putting this wall decal in your bathroom is your dentist. There is nothing like a prominent reminder to floss to keep you honest with the care of your teeth. It might even end up lowering your dental bills over the long run. Then everyone else at home will thank you for that reminder to flush... This vinyl bathroom wall decal is a fun way to decorate your kids bathroom or to put in your master for that loved one who just can't remember to flush. The lettering will make a great piece of art above the sink or toilet. You can even place the vinyl quote diretly on the mirror in your washroom as a cheerful art with lettering that can be taken off the glass with out damaging anything. Remember that the wall quote can come in many different shades to match and space.

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