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General Information
What are Decals for the Wall?
Our vinyl wall decals offer a classy hand-painted look, and go up in just minutes and without mess! Wall decals are adhesive lettering and graphics that apply to your wall like a large sticker. Our decals are made with a PVC-based material that give a tasteful look to your home. They can easily go on any smooth or semi-smooth surface. Wall decals are safe on paint so they work great indoors. Vinyl wall art is one of the hottest new trends in home decor and we love making them! Top

How easy is it to apply wall decals?
If you've ever applied a sticker to anything, this is very similar. Most of our buyers have never applied them before, and they tell us application is smooth and quick. Our wall decal kits make application easy! Your decal kit comes with everything you need to apply your quote in just minutes. Top

How do you apply it?
Our wall decals come in three layers. The vinyl decal is on a paper backing, and transfer tape is placed on top of the decal. The transfer tape is used to remove the decal from the paper backing. You then apply the decal onto your wall using the transfer tape. After pressing decal to your wall and smoothing out any bubbles with your applicator (included), just remove the transfer tape. The vinyl decal will stay in place on your wall! See our Application Instructions for step-by-step instructions. Top

Do I need to apply each letter and piece individually?
No, all the letters and pieces of your decal already come pre-placed on transfer tape. Some large graphics, such as trees, come in multiple sections that you need to line up together, but all the pieces within the sections have already been placed in the right spots. That means you don't need to put individual pieces up one by one. We've done that work for you already! Top

How long does it take to apply?
Most customers tell us they can apply quotes in about 10-15 minutes. Some of the large graphics we have, such as trees, can take longer depending on the size. They usually take 30-60 minutes. Top

Is it easy to remove the decals?
Yes, the decals can be simply peeled away with some tweezers or your finger nails. The material we use is made for indoor use, so no adhesive will be left on your wall. Our vinyl is also safe on wall paint and most surfaces. The material we use is durable enough to stay on your wall as long as you want, and it can be easily removed in just minutes. Top

Can my decal be re-used after I remove it?
Removing the decals often damages the vinyl. While some customers have successfully re-used the decals, the decals are meant for only one application. Top

Can I apply these decals to a textured surface?
Our material works on most surfaces, including textured ones! If you have orang peel-type textures, we recommend you order come color samples and test the vinyl on your wall first. Some paints have a gritty or sandy component, which can prevent wall decals from sticking. Most sheetrock or drywall surfaces are compatible with our vinyl wall decals. Buy color samples here. Top

Will the decals damage my wall paint?
The material we use is meant for indoor use, so it is safe and gentle on paint. If you have recently painted, we recommend waiting at least two weeks before applying our wall decals. While it's very rare for this vinyl to damage your walls, Decals for the Wall cannot guarantee the condition of YOUR walls, so we are not liable for any paint loss or damage. Top

Can I apply the decals to glass or use them outside?
Yes, decals apply very well to glass. Our vinyl is also rated to last at least three years out doors. If you are applying them outside, we recommend not taking them through and hard car washes. Top

Do wall decals work in the bathroom?
Yes, our vinyl can stand up to the steam and moisture inside of a bathroom. Just make sure the application surface is completely dry before you apply the decal. Top

If I just painted my walls, how long should I wait before applying the wall decal?
We recommend waiting at least two weeks after painting to apply the wall decal. Top

Custom Order Requests
Can I customize a design that is in your store?
If you need the decals in our store in a different size, we'd be happy to help! Send us a message through our Contact Page and let us know which decal you're interested in and approximately what size. At this time, we are not able to change the graphics, fonts or make the decal in multiple colors. Top

Can I request my own quote or design?
At this time we are not able to make custom orders. Submit your decal idea through our
Contact Page and we'll put it on our production list! Top

Shipping Delivery and Time
When will my item ship?
We ship all items within two to three business days. They ship out as soon as we're doing making your decals! Top

How long does it take for my item arrive?
All purchases in the US ship via USPS Priority mail, which arrives in 2-3 business days. International orders are shipped via USPS International First-Class mail and, depending on the country, shipping generally takes 10-16 days for the package to arrive. Top

Can I combine shipping on multiple items?
Yes, you only need to pay shipping on the first item or the item with the higher shipping cost. The shopping cart will automatically combine your shipping charges. Top

Will I get a tracking number?
We will email you the tracking number for your package as soon as your item ships! If you are shipping your item outside of the US, you will receive a confirmation number. USPS, however, doesn't track international packages once they have left the US. Top

What carrier is used to ship my wall decal?
We ship all items via the United States Postal Service. Top

Can my item ship express or overnight?
At this time, all packages ship via USPS Priority mail and we do not offer express or overnight shipments. Top

How long does international delivery take?
International orders generally take 10-16 days to arrive. If your package hasn't arrived in this timeframe, let us know through our
Contact Page. Top

Return and Exchange Policy
What is the 100% money back guarantee?
If you are not happy with your decal for any reason within the first 90 days of your purchase, we'd be happy to issue a full refund. You are responsible for return shipping. Please
Contact Us if you would like to return your decal. Top

Can I exchange my item?
If you change your mind after receiving your item, you can exchange it for any item of equal or lesser value. The decal must be in it's original package without having been applied to your wall or damaged. You are responsible for return shipping and the shipping on your new item. Please
Contact Us if you would like to exchange your decal. Top

If you have any other questions, contact us through our
Contact Page or call us at (801) 228-0665.